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Steamboat Springs offers visitors and residents alike access to world-class hiking and backpacking both within and outside the city limits.

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  • Local trails can be found within the Mount Zirkel Wilderness and to Fish Creek Falls
  • Some trails require day use fees for usage. For example, Upper Fish Creek Falls requires a $5.00 entrance fee in 2010.
  • Be sure to check dog requirements as most trails have pet restrictions or leash regulations.


Beginners and expert hikers and backpackers will surely enjoy the abundant options of Steamboat Springs.

Where to Go

Steamboat Springs offers many places to enjoy hiking and backpacking throughout the summer season.

Mount Zirkel Wilderness
For example, the Mount Zirkel Wilderness located within the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest offers travelers a diverse experience of nearly every type of landscape the region has to offer. For example, alpine lakes, granite pinnacles, tundra and forests can be enjoyed within a short distance from each other. Wildlife is also in abundance during the summer months. A popular destination within this area is the Gilpin Lake Trail. The trail, boasting 12.2 roundtrip miles, offers picturesque views of an alpine lake.

Upper Fish Creek Falls
For more novice hikers, Upper Fish Creek Falls offers a 5-mile roundtrip trail that boasts prime views of Fish Creek Falls. Despite the trail being somewhat steep, much of the trail is forested meaning shade and protection from the elements throughout the majority of the hike.

Rentals & Fees

Fees associated with equipment rental are dependent upon equipment type and duration. However, many retailers in and around the area of Steamboat Springs offer great short-term and long-term rental options for those looking to enjoy this form of outdoor recreation.

Hire a Guide

By hiring a guide, visitors are ensured the safety of a knowledgeable guide as well as the ability to ensure the quality of their trip. Guides are able to customize trip packages in terms of duration, distance, food type and more based on the group ability or group size. This is a great option for those who are less experienced with mountaineering or who want to leave the planning to an experienced professional in order to further enjoy their leisure time.

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