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The weather in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is ideal for both winter and summer recreation. Because the town sits in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado, you will find that the weather here has extreme fluctuations in temperature. You can expect differences of 20-40 degrees in just one day. It is always wise to dress in layers no matter what season it may be.


During the winter, Steamboat Springs, Colorado has the perfect climate/weather for skiers, snowboarders, snowmobile riders and Nordic skiers. Known for its great powder, the average snow depth each year is 325 inches. In the winter, it is wise to dress warm with coat, hat, boots and gloves.


In the lower altitudes, the heat can be severe during the summer months. However, in Steamboat, you can enjoy warm weather and cool summer breezes. Your summer can be filled with water skiing, swimming, and/or sailing on nearby Steamboat Lake. You can also take a hike or a walk through the woods. The days can be warm, but the cooler summer nights provide great sleeping conditions whether you are sleeping under a roof or just under the stars – camping. Daytime summer temperatures invite you to wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts, but the weather can change quickly so always remember to take along long pants and a jacket.

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