Steamboat Springs Music Fest



MusicFest is the largest group ski trip in the country, bringing the best music from Texas and America to Steamboat, Colorado. The event lasts a full week, and is sure to satisfy your fix for outdoor fun and song. Read More

  • Largest ski and music tour in the US
  • Six days and over 40 shows
  • A Steamboat MUST in January

Overview: MusicFest plays an integral role in forming the national and international music scene. The festival has changed since it first began 20 years ago. Over the years it has introduced talented musicians to the world and had them perform beside new artists as a way to support those who need to gain some exposure in the music industry and make connections with other artists. MusicFest is something you'll definitely enjoy if good music is a big part of your life.

Where: Steamboat Mountain Resort

Fees: Fees vary by age and event

Details: Steamboat's MusicFest is the perfect place to enjoy music in a breathtaking mountain setting, listening to fantastic artists, going skiing, and making new friends. MusicFest offers even more than just fun and friendship for the whole family. It has an important role in American music history because of its tradition of helping to promote young singer-songwriters, most of whom act as independent artists. This means they produce and promote their tunes without much outside help.

Find more details on the MusicFest website.

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