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Steamboat Springs snowboard culture has been meticulously cultivated by years of continually pushing the boundaries of the terrain parks and halfpipes, culminating with The Mavericks, an area worthy of its daunting namesake.

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  • Mavericks is the big bear on the block, at 450 feet long with 18 foot walls.
  • Rabbit Ears is aimed at intermediates before they head into the larger jumps.
  • Lil' Rodeo is perfect for beginners to try out smaller features.
  • Maverick's Freestyle Park & Pipe Clinic is available to help improve your freestyle skills.


There's no joke about it, each Steamboat Springs terrain park is created with creativity and maintained with exceptional care. With support from other snowboarders and a variety of features ranging from easy rollers to the massive superpipe, freestyle riders are right at home.

TransWorld Snowboarding ranked Steamboat's "Vibe" as #2 in the US. So don't worry about trying the hard moves and failing. That's what it's all about. Nobody will make fun of you.

Mavericks Terrain Park

The Mavericks. 18 foot walls. 56 feet from deck to deck. 450 feet long.

This huge superpipe is named after one of California's biggest waves and is big enough to make even an expert snowboarder tremble with fear. The Mavericks superpipe at Steamboat Springs has consistently been ranked in the top 10 by ski and snowboard magazines alike. 

But the Marvericks isn't just a superpipe. There are over 19 features in this Steamboat terrain park, including rails, log jibs, single-barrel and double-barrel bars, down boxes, up boxes, jump lines, S boxes on mini-ramps... the list goes on and on.

And the best part is, Steamboat is continually working on the features, changing them up every year to bring in the newest and most fun features that come out.

Rabbit Ears Terrain Park

Not everyone is up to try their skills against the Mavericks. That's natural, and Steamboat understands that riders need jumps of all sizes and variety, which is where Rabbit Ears comes to play, focusing on the intermediate level.

Rabbit Ears is still a complete park with barrel jibs, jump lines, a number of boxes and rails, and more, totaling 15 features to conquer.

Lil' Rodeo Terrain Park

Conveniently located close to the base, Lil' Rodeo is for those just beginning to ride. Smaller features mean that when riders fall, it's easier to get back up and try it all over again. 

There's even a mini-pipe to get the feel of dropping in, transitions, and pumping to get some air above the lip!

Take a Lesson

Steamboat is fully aware that riders don't simply drop into an 18-foot pipe without some practice and teaching. Take the Maverick's Freestyle Park & Pipe Clinic to take your riding to the next level with certified instructors.