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Billy Kidd Performance Center

As a World Champion and Olympic medalist, Billy Kidd brought his talent and expertise to Steamboat Springs in 1981, when he founded the performance center that bears his iconic name. Read More

  • The Billy Kidd Performance Center is a ski camp to improve the skills and techniques of ski racers.
  • Steamboat Springs' focus on the Olympics has paid off, sending more than 70 Olympians!
  • Billy Kidd won a gold medal at the 1970 World Championships and a silver medal at the 1968 Olympics, among others.


The Billy Kidd Performance Center is not for the average skier. It's sole focus is to improve ski racers of all ages and abilities, using the best coaches and modern technology to hone the skills and techniques needed to win.

Steamboat Springs has sent more Olympians to the Winter Games than any other American ski area because of programs like the performance center. The caliber of talent is high, and skiers come to this widely-recognized program to raise the bar even higher.


  • Steamboat Springs is so confident of Billy Kidd and his coaches that they put a guarantee behind their claim.
  • Individualized coaching means that skiers' weaknesses are quickly identified and become the object of intense focus.
  • Small groups of less than 6 skiers mean that coaches are able to spend quality time with each student, making the instruction personalized and focused to the particular skier.
  • Initial evaluation happens immediately with the Billy Kidd Skills Profile, a unique way to quickly define and achieve personal goals.
  • Handheld cameras are primary tools to help skiers visually understand their body positions, ski technique, and other skills that affect the race performance. A DVD is included to take home.


Billy Kidd Race Camps last from one to three days, with specialized camps being scheduled as deemed necessary. Make sure to book reservations early because they fill up fast! Call 970-879-6111 for details.