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Walden Colorado

Still holding true to traditional ranching roots, Walden sits in the center of North Park, an area of alpine plains with nearby mountain ranges offering superb outdoor opportunities. Read More

  • Head into Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area for some hiking, hunting, mountain biking and more.
  • Learn about the history of Walden and Jackson County at the North Park Pioneer Museum.
  • North Park is filled with beautiful, wide-open stretches of Colorado alpine scrub-brush plains.
  • There's not a single stoplight in the entire county!


With less than 2,000 people in the entire Jackson County, Walden is the county seat of an area that could be considered a stubborn holdout for the Colorado cowboy.

Generally touted as the "Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado," Jackson County is also known as "North Park." With wide open settings and constant views of the surrounding mountain ranges, Walden is a perfect place to get away from it all - you won't even see a stoplight!


Walden, Colorado lies on the eastern side of the Steamboat Mountain range, about 60 miles northeast of Steamboat Springs and 20 miles south of the Wyoming border.

Services / Amenities

True, Walden is small. But since there's very few other towns around, it's the service center of the area. Restaurants, lodging, guides and more can all be found here.


The North Park area in general has wildlife in abundance, whether your goal is hunting, fishing, photography, or just hiking the open landscape.

Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area is a popular retreat for many outdoor lovers. The benefit of coming from Walden, however, is that most other visitors will be coming from the western side, via Steamboat Springs. This leaves more space, less crowding and greater views of the vast expanses of land.

With the Park Range to the south and Rabbit Ears and Steamboat Range to the west, mountains and protected wildernesses are never far away.


North Park Pioneer Museum is an excellent 27-room showcase of the history of Walden and North Park.  The museum building itself has an interesting story behind it as well, so be sure to ask how the old log cabin arrived in the center of town.

Getting Here

Steamboat Springs is about an hour away. Driving from Walden, head south on CO-14, which will lead to US-40 at Muddy Pass. Turning west will lead directly into town, after descending the beautiful Rabbit Ears Pass.