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More than just an old mining town, Oak Creek has survived years of boom and bust to become a popular residential area for Steamboat locals, while still retaining its small town charm. Read More

  • With trails for hiking, and water for fishing or boating, Stagecoach State Park is just 7.5 miles away from town.
  • Head to Dunkley Pass and into the Flat Tops Wilderness Area for access to incredible Colorado backcountry.
  • Did you know? In 1911, Oak Creek became the first community in the area to commercially grow potatoes!


With less than 1,000 people, Oak Creek certainly fits the bill of a small Colorado town, which means there's plenty of helpful locals to charm visitors with their genuine hospitality.

The smaller town of Phippsburg is located just 3 miles away as well, with its own unique history, hotels and restaurants.


Oak Creek, Colorado is approximately 20 miles south of Steamboat Springs along CO-131, surrounded by the Routt National Forest.


Although not far from the larger Steamboat Springs, Oak Creek offers a number of services for the traveler, including a wide selection of restaurants, given the size of the community.


Stagecoach State Park has 780 acres of terrain available for exploration by hikers, fishermen, snowshoers, boaters and nature lovers of all types. Winter or summer, Stagecoach Park is a great opportunity to get into the Colorado wilderness.

Dunkley Pass and the Flat Tops Wilderness Area are locals' secrets for all sorts of activities. Take your pick between hiking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, mountain biking and more.


Oak Creek was founded as a mining town, and this can be seen in and around the area, with remnants of mining tools and buildings scattered throughout the surrounding region. Contact the Historical Society of Oak Creek and Phippsburg for more information.

Getting Here

Steamboat Springs is a short 30-minute drive away, heading north on CO-131 in Oak Creek. The state highway will dead-end into US-40, where visitors take a left to continue into Steamboat Springs.