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North Platte River

While in Steamboat Springs, plan on about five days of fishing because if you make it anywhere near the North Platte, take the hour drive northeast to experience one of the best rivers in the Rockies.

  • North Platte River offers average fish running 17 to 21 inches.
  • Walden is a short drive from Steamboat Springs.
  • Summer and Fall can be hot in Northgate Canyon, hike in and enjoy some elbow room.
  • Winter and spring are best for North Platte's Wyoming waters.
  • Driftboat fishing is best to fish the bigger waters in Wyoming.

Accessing The North Platte

Take Interstate 40 southeast then follow Highway 14 towards Walden and get ready to experience a trophy river not far from Steamboat Springs, the North Platte. Whether you target the river near Walden, in Northgate Canyon or in Wyoming at Grey Reef or the Miracle Mile, this river produces argueable the biggest average fish in the Rockies.

Seasons On The North Platte

Winter and spring fishing can be challenging at times on the North Platte, but it can be possible. Most tackle the tailwaters in Wyoming near Alcova in winter. As for late spring through fall, the whole North Platte system can be fantastic with the average fish often running 17- to 21 inches.

Stock Up on Batteries And Flies

Make sure your digital camera has plenty of memory and you have a wide assortment of red midges, emergers and San Juan worms. Hoppers will be a top choice in Northgate Canyon above Walden while the tailwater trout prefer the smaller bugs year round.

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