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Fish Creek Falls

Fish Creek Falls is a popular destination among travelers in Steamboat Springs. The facilities offer picnic grounds and interpretive signing throughout.

  • The Fish Creek Falls Trail Head is 7,440 feet in elevation. 
  • Visit Fish Creek Falls in the summer for great views and a handful of hiking trails.


Fish Creek Falls is a 283-foot waterfall that offers 7.6 miles in trails.


Located approximately 5 miles from Steamboat Springs, Fish Creek Falls is located on Fish Creek Falls Road. From the main street in the town of Steamboat Springs, head north on 3rd Ave. and then turn right on Fish Creek Falls Road. The facilities offer both a lower and upper parking lot.


Fish Creek Falls is open year round.


In the winter season, Fish Creek Falls offers an alternative to the nearby ski industry in Steamboat Springs. Many travelers and locals alike decide to traverse the falls by ice climbing the frozen runoff.

In the summer season, Fish Creek Falls becomes a popular destination due to the supreme views of both the falls and the surrounding area. Visitors can hike to Fish Creek Canyon or simply observe the falls from the viewing area.

The Mountain View Trail within the Fish Creek Falls Attraction is preferred for biking.  

Additional Info

The lower parking lot at Fish Creek Falls is intended for overnight parking and horse trailers while the upper parking lot is reserved for day hiking and picnic parking. Both the lower and upper lot charge a fee of $5/vehicle.

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