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Sleigh Rides

Listen to the sounds of sleigh bells making sweet music as horses pull you through the snow-covered meadows and white-tipped pine trees of the traditional cowboy ranches around Steamboat Springs.

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Providers These companies can get you there

Saddleback Ranch

A real 4th Generation working cattle ranch located in Northern Colorado, only 17 miles from scenic Steamboat Springs.

Bar Lazy L Ranch

A family business started in 1939, the Bar Lazy L ranch has a unique and storied history as fantastic as Colorado itself.

Ragnar's Sleigh Ride Dinner

Not just a ski resort, there are many activities just waiting in Steamboat. Go for a sleigh ride or dine in one of many restaurants.

  • Steal away from the city lights to see the stars and mountain sky looming large above.
  • Afternoon sleigh rides are perfect to appreciate the surrounding scenery.
  • Dinner rides take a romantic, quiet path through the night, then serve up delicious cowboy meals.
  • Companies generally provide transport to and from Steamboat Springs.


When the day's skiing is over and snowboards are melting ice from bindings, there is still plenty of time to go on an afternoon or dinner sleigh ride at one of the ranches around Steamboat Springs. 

Being pulled by horses through snow is a simple pleasure that everyone should have the chance to experience, and there's no better place than the beautiful scenery of Colorado's winter mountain ranges.

Afternoon Sleigh Rides

Enjoy the afternoon being pulled through the snow by a gorgeous team of burly draft horses.  This type of sleigh ride will take you through the open meadows and imposing mountain geography. 

Refreshments provided generally include hot cocoa, cider and cookies. This type of trip will be approximately 2 hours from start to return.

Dinner Sleigh Rides

If you’re looking for romance or an evening out, make a reservation for a dinner sleigh ride. You’ll travel through meadows and ridges with the moon and the stars brightly shining down upon you. 

The generous meals can include grilled ribeye, lemon pepper salmon, marinated chicken or vegetable kabobs, all barbecued to perfection. Add some baked potatoes, ranch beans, homemade sourdough rolls and dessert and you truly have a meal fit for a king or a cowhand. 

Beverages generally include hot cocoa and hot spiced cider. Beer and wine may or may not be served, so make sure to inquire with the specific companies if that's part of the plan.

Where to go on a Sleigh Ride

Sleigh rides generally occur on the ranches that are located outside of Steamboat. These ranches allow the lights of town to fade away, making the moon and stars seem unusually close. 

Most of the companies offering sleigh rides will arrange transport to and from the ranch. The drive is generally less than 45 minutes.


Prices vary between companies, as well as between the different options for sleigh rides. Explore some of the ranches below for specific information on offerings and price.

Hire a Guide

Guides come with the horses and sleighs, so there's no worry about getting lost or having runaway horses! 

The guides are knowledgeable sources of information about the ranches and the area in general, so don't hesitate to ask any questions.