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Dog Sledding

Take a unique break from skiing to venture into the snow covered wilderness around Steamboat Springs with a dog team, complete with fuzzy fur, curled tails, happy eyes and licking tongues.

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Providers These companies can get you there

Snow Buddy Dog Sled Tours

Great for kids! Snow Buddy Dog Sled Tours is a small family-owned and operated dog sled tour business just South of Steamboat on scenic Dunckley Pass.

  • Hop on a dog sled to be pulled by a happy team of four-legged friends.
  • Tour the winter banks of the Yampa River, the Stagecoach Reservoir, or private ranches.
  • Companies offer excursions of one hour, two hours, half days or more.
  • Guides provide information about the dogs and natural environment as you glide through the snow.


For a memorable adventure on your winter vacation in Steamboat Springs, enjoy the white valleys and rugged mountains at the speed of a dog. Taking a nice, peaceful trip on a dog sled is the perfect way to spend a day during your ski trip. 

You can appreciate the beauty and kindness of tail wagging, eager-to-please Siberian or Alaskan Huskies as you enjoy the supervised, hands-on experience of mushing through the vast expanses of white winter wonderland. 

Remember to bring your camera and lots of appreciative patting for your new pals!

Where to go Dog Sledding

On sleds pulled by a happy, healthy dog team, you can stay warm under the blankets as the sled glides along the banks of the scenic Yampa River, the Stagecoach Reservoir, or the snowy hills and valleys of private ranches. 

Rentals & Fees

Each guiding company has different packages and prices, so inquire with the companies listed below for details.

Hire a Guide

Two local companies, Grizzle T and Snow Buddy, offer dog sled tours in the Steamboat Area. You can chose between two different types of tours and get as involved as you want with learning how to drive your own team of sled dogs. Tours last about 2 hours and are offered multiple times each day. Hot cocoa, apple cider, and cookies provided.