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Rabbit Ears Mountain Range

Rabbit Ears mountain range is a picturesque range in northern Colorado named for Rabbit Ears Peak, a mountain in the Park Range that resembles rabbit’s ears.

  • The average road grade between the east and west summits of Rabbit Ears pass are between 6.5% to 7.5%.
  • The summit of Rabbit Ears Pass is 9,426 ft.
  • Wildlife is often viewable from US 40 during the ascent / descent of the pass.


The Rabbit Ears mountain range is a high elevation mountain range that spans the border between Grand and Jackson counties.


The Rabbit Ears Range is located in northern Colorado and travels East-West of the Continental Divide. The mountain range is located east of Steamboat Springs, Colo. on US 40.


The Rabbit Ears mountain range is open year-round. However, access may be prohibited at times via Rabbit Ears Pass (US 40) due to inclement weather conditions.


Year-round activities are available within the Rabbit Ears mountain range.

During the winter season, hunting, backpacking and mountaineering options are available. As Buffalo Pass is just north of Rabbit Ears Pass, cross-country trails offer views of prime panoramic scenery.

In the summer season, hiking, camping and mountain biking are extremely popular. Rabbit Ears Peak, a very popular trail, offers stunning views and unique views of Colorado wildflowers. The trail is approximately 6 miles round-trip and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Both hunting and fishing options require licenses through the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Additional Info

The areas of Rabbit Ears Pass / Buffalo Creek offer travelers six campgrounds.

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