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Mountain Driving

Despite high mountain passes and winter road conditions, Steamboat Springs, Colorado is accessible from all directions year round. Check out driving directions from the following locations. Read More

From the Hayden Airport, follow signs to Highway 40, turn right and drive about 22 miles east to Steamboat Springs.

Denver is just three hours east of Steamboat Springs. Drive on I-70 west for about 67 miles until you reach Silverthorn. Exit onto CO 9, going north to Kremling. Then take US 40 west to Steamboat Springs.

From Ft. Collins take CO 14 west over Cameron pass. CO 14 connects with US 40. Go west on US 40 over Muddy and Rabbit Ears passes toward Steamboat Springs.

From Park City, Utah use US 40/UT 189 south to Heber City. Stay on US 40 for about 5 hours to Steamboat.

If you are driving from Laramie, WY take WY 230 West to the Wyoming and Colorado border. The road turns into CO 127 which you should follow until Walden. Then take CO 14 west to US 40, which goes over Muddy and Rabbit Ears passes to reach Steamboat Springs.

If you have never driven on snow before or if winter driving scares you, here are a few winter driving tips. It is a good idea to carry a few safety items in your car like a shovel, scraper, chains, flashlight, jumper cables, and blankets or sleeping bags. The most important thing to remember in winter driving is to drive slowly, even if you have good traction. Remember not to slam on your brakes if your car starts to slide. If you start to slide, turn the wheel in the direction you want the car to go. In other words, if you car starts to turn right, turn the wheel to the left and vice versa. You may have to turn the wheel back and forth a few times if your car starts to spin the other direction, in order to get straightened out. If you have ABS brakes, you can brake very slowly and steadily. Slamming on the brakes will only make you slide further. If you get stuck in the snow try to turn your tires side to side to move snow away from them. Move the car slowly forward, then backward. Continue rocking back and forth until you get out. If your wheels start to spin, stop and move the other direction. Spinning wheels will just make your car more stuck.

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